Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tercer aniversario

Tercer doloroso aniversario del muy querido y añorado
  Mini Cooper S 2009
Fallecido el 25 de enero de 2012

En el mes de enero Hades se cobró su tributo y te llevó para siempre al Averno de los automóviles. Allí te alimentó con gasolina de bajo octanaje y aceite de motor ponzoñosa para no dejarte salir más a dar color y vida al, desde entonces, aburrido y gris tráfico rodado de esta ciudad.

No te olvidamos.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wyman Meinzer's West Texas

Texas has been called “The Land of Contrast”. Take four minutes to watch this video and it will be obvious.

Wyman, the photographer, used to live in the old jail in Benjamin, TX.  The photo of the coiled rattlesnake appeared on the cover of a wildlife magazine in the 80's.  He said, there were times he crawled a long way on his belly to get a good shot of a wild animal.
The music is by Doug Smith.  Doug is from Petersburg , Texas and lives south of town.  Doug plays by ear- He cannot read music, but has many CDs. A pickup accident left Doug paralyzed and he does not play anymore.

Most of the pictures were taken in the rolling plains (cap rock to Seymour, the Fork, 6666, and Waggoner Ranches). There are some scenes in Palo Duro Canyon.

Please take a moment and view....I don't know if I've ever come across such a skillful combination of music and amazing animal and landscape photography.

The changes in the tempo perfectly compliment the scenery.  It is simply a beautiful portrayal of our magnificent home state!

The originator of the email added the next information:
I expect some of those scenes were taken on the Moorehouse Ranch, outside Benjamin on the Brazos River.  For three years, Randy, his boys,  my son, and I along with 5 others had 5,000 acres of it leased there for hunting.  When they made us take all 10,000 acres and doubled the price, we had to bail!  We had a fabulous lodge on the ranch but we also rented a little white frame house in town to be able to get away from the lodge and all the....stuff that goes on with a group of drunken hunters that party 36 hrs a day.  From our front porch, we could see Wyman's jail and his house two blocks away.  He now lives next door to the jail and has his photo studio in the jail.  Some of the pictures of the geese in flight don't do justice to the actual thing.  Millions and millions darken the sky  as they pass overhead constantly day and night, since it is on the major flyway to Canada.....and it lasts days upon days...and not just a few hours. It is an awesome sight.  We had about a 300 acre lake on the property where millions of the geese would overnight and the  noise of their  squawking at night was almost deafening.  It is an experience one doesn't soon forget.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Radio Navidad 2014

En diciembre de 2014 tuve el placer de hacer un programa en Música Cósmica, utilicé una selección de canciones de soul que hicieron los DJs del colectivo de Houston "A Fistul of Soul".
Gracias, Adolfo, una vez más.

Mr. Blue